About Us

Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation (the Foundation) was established in 2011 as a Non-Profit organization. For the past six years, it has been devoted to exclusively charitable activities and events for BC youth’s comprehensive development, such as Youth World Live Painting Competition, free art courses, Junior Journalist Club Seminar, Summer and Winter Camps, etc. Starting from January 2017, Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation has been officially registered as a Charity with Canada Revenue Agency. 

Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition is a global charity event .It is hosted by Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation and supported by UNICEF. It is a global painting Olympic of world’s children and youth. It also has a fantastic aim that helping children at their basic education through donation to Canada UNICEF’s School in a Box program.

Richard DeLisle

Development Officer, UNICEF Canada

This competition and the charity event provides a valuable “platform” to raise awareness for children’s welfare .To capture and strengthen the full impact of this event, we encourage every member in this society to join us, to donate one dollar a year. Yes, one dollar is minute, but together we can make things change .

Weizhang Meng

Chair of Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation

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