Art Courses

We are offering three different types of art courses based on age groups:children(3-12 yrs),teenager(13-18 yrs) and adults(18+ yrs). These courses can provide students the essential skills they need to apply for the colleges or just as a hobby to practice.

1) After-school potential drawing courses

Subject:Children from 3-12 years old

Duration:1.5 hour per class

Sample courses:sketch,comics,water color painting,crayon drawing

2)     Fine arts courses

Subject: teenager from 13-18 years old

Duration: 2 hours per class

Syllabus: The courses are ideal for the students with some basic drawing skills and would like to further concentrate in certain areas of art or someone who need to prepare portfolio before going to professional fine art colleges.

3)     Adult art courses


Duration:2 hours per class


The Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation has been devoted to exclusively charitable activities and events in the past four years. The courses offered are charitable and non-profit in essence. To cover basic cost, each drop-in student and is encouraged to pay a 2+ dollar honorarium to support the Foundation.

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