International Outstanding Youth Leadership Award & Outstanding Achievement

In Support of Worldwide Art Communication & Underprivileged Children—2016 “International Outstanding Youth Leader Award” “Outstanding Achievement”Announcement

The 4th Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition provides a platform to youth artists to showcase their talents, to pursue their artistic professionalism and to raise funds to fight children poverty via UNICEF’s School- in-a-box program.

With sincerely contribution from UNICEF Canada,governors,artists and media presses,the previous two terms have achieved great success for calling teenagers from over 33 countries to participate and have eventually built 98 “school in a box” involving 4000 poor children to be educated. The UNICEF speaks highly of this event and it takes hold of the world’s attention.

The due date for the 4th World Cup Painting Competition preliminary round is July 31th,2016 and the final competition takes place on August 11 at Olympic Oval,followed by awarding ceremony on August 16th,2016. The UNICEF Ambassador and governors will award these two important prizes to the youth leaders.


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