Interviewing Seminar & Field Trip

Interviewing Seminar & Field Trip and Monthly Article Writing Assignment Outline

Interviewing seminar | 90 minutes maximum.

Asking different types of questions; opening the interview; listening; follow up questions; manners and/or protocol; recording devices, note taking, preparation, research; organizing the article

Themes for Global article

A cross section of potential themes for a monthly article prepared by students for Growth magazine which shares the Canadian immigrant experience, with all it offers to the host country and its new citizens.

4 session intensive program Topics(each session can be extended to 40 hours of training):

  1. Self Esteem/Self Confidence – Awakening the strongest version of You! This is a deep self-analysis course about the core root of all human weaknesses. We will thoroughly examine each facet of this vital intelligence, that is- the competence to recognize your strength and weaknesses, become conscious of where they come from, and a hands on proactive intervention with each student to put into practice the knowledge learned. By the end of the course the objective is for each student to feel a shift in their overall sense of self.
  1. Essential Social Skills for making connections. All forms of close relationships are fostered through a regular regiment of tapping into other’s minds. Such “mind readers”, competent in social intelligence, have mastered the art of flexibility, recognize other’s perspectives, and innate needs, show empathic love, and an overall sense of “Cool”. They are often described as “Charming”. This is a course designed to critically analyze, appreciate, and most importantly, put into practice the steps essential for a meaningful friendship.
  1. Critical thinking. This course focuses on dramatically changing how students think through issues that are important in their personal lives, beyond school. Intellectual and personal autonomy, reasoning and argumentative skills are at core focus of this course. Listening to opposing points of view is a first step in judging our own opinions. Each class the students will hand in a topic based on their own personal life; a personal dilemma they face. Then the class will vote for one topic to be discussed and analyzed. We will then break the problem apart into pieces; hearing as each student gives his/her rational reason for their view on the topic. Each class cover a different student problem/dilemma. Through a clear step by step method of practical reasoning, student’s social emotional, academic, and cognitive skills are greatly enhanced.
  1. Social intelligence part 2: Characteristics of influential individuals who are often referred to as “alpha male” or “alpha female”. This advanced course in social intelligence breaks down to detail many core characteristics displayed by such individuals.


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