The 1st Youth World Cup Photography & Micro Movie Competition

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The 1st Youth World Cup Photography & Micro Movie Competition and “One dollar for One Poor Child” Global Charity Event is supported by the Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation and the Canada United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF Canada). The activity is also held by the Canadian Youth Photography Association and it is one of the biggest public welfare project to help the underprivileged children around the world.

Children are the future of the world and the hope of civilization development. Their growth is crucial for the future development of the society. Therefore, every nation and everybody should spare no effort to help those that are struggling with basic survival.

Nowadays, it is difficult for this vulnerable group to survive. Many underprivileged children from different nations have no enough clothes; they have no timely access to health care in sickness. According to the recent report by UNICEF, there are 0.67 billion children who live in a extremely impoverished condition; 0.37 billion children have no access to clean drinking water; 0.14 billion children are homeless; 0.126 billion children who have no access to education. Another report from the world food programme shows a more heartbreaking picture. It claims that 18 thousand of children die from starvation and malnutrition, and 6 million children who are less than 5 years old die from starving each year. The number keeps going up every year. For most people, they cannot imagine the living condition of those underprivileged children. Although there is no easy and absolute solution so far, Charitable organizations such as Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation and UNICEF have been

To change the living condition of the world’s impoverished child, The 1st Youth World Cup Photography & Micro Movie Competition, supported by the Canada Youth Arts Development foundation, the Canada Youth photography Association and UNICEF Canada, are aimed at raising funds for the underprivileged, and raising the awareness of the public that “no child left behind”. Through the slogan of “One dollar for One Poor Child”, the activities are promoted worldwide to promote youth arts and help with children’s growth.

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