Model Mayor Election Speech

This event is sponsored by Councillor of Richmond,Chak Ou. Training session is on September 30,Wednesday at 6:00pm,the Foundation will lead all the students to Richmond city hall and audit a regular meeting held by Mayor of Richmond to give them a general knowledge of how government works. After two-week’s preparation, the final speech takes place at the Foundation office, on October 25,Saturday at 2:00pm. Each student has 5-10 minutes to deliver your speech and explain your proposal in either Chinese or English. The judging criteria will be based on Clearness, Correctness, Conciseness, Completeness, Courtesy, Conscientiousness, Concrete, Character and Concinnity. There will be one first place,two second place and three third place announced and awarded certificate.

Goal:If I am going to be the mayor in Richmond, what are my goals to improve this city and how to achieve them? This activity encourages students to keep an eye on the current political situation and socio-cultural issues. By writing and delivering their own election proposals, critical thinking, public speaking skills are integrated and including year-round art courses based on different age groups, Junior Journalist Club Seminar, Interviewing Seminar & Filed Trip and monthly article writing assignment, Model Mayor Election Speech, Nine Stage Leadership Training program — Social Skills training, Lincoln-Douglas Middle School Debate, Bug-Out Bag- Model Urban Survival Speech.