Our Supporters


  •      Vancouver Chinese Women’s Association
  •      LAHOO.CA
  •      New World Education Share PoPo
  •      Canadian International Royal Arts Institute
  •      Canada Youth Mutual Development Association
  •      Meng’s Art Institute Inc.
  •      Canada Alliance of Chinese Association
  •      National Children and Youth Arts Exhibition & Selection Commission of China


  •      UNICEF
  •      International Association of Art, IAA/AIAP, France
  •      Italian Arts & Cultural Centre, Italy
  •      Federation of Canadian Artists, Canada
  •      Broad Education Consulting Corp. Ltd. Canada

Supporting Politicians sending their warmest support:

  •      UNICEF Canada
  •      Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia
  •      Alice Wong, Member of Parliament for Richmond, British Columbia
  •      Bill Bennett, Minister of Community ,Sport and Cultural Development
  •      Jenny Kwan, MLA for Vancouver, British Columbia
  •      Kathy Corrigan, MLA(Burnaby-Deer Lake), British Columbia
  •      Dianne Watts, Mayor of City of Surrey, British Columbia
  •      Jan W. Walls, Chairman of Canadian Asian Artists Association, Professor at


  •      Balwant S. Sanghera, Chairperson, South Asian Community Coalition Against

Youth Violence

Media Supporters

  •      Xinhua News Agency
  •      Phoenix TV
  •      CBC
  •      OMNI
  •      Canada Fairchild TV
  •      Singtao Newspaper
  •      Canadian City Post
  •      Dawa Newspaper
  •      Ming Newspaper
  •      www.lahoo.ca