The Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition

Preliminary and Final round

The Foundation has organized four youth world cup live painting competitions in 2012, 2013, 2015 , 2016 , 2017 and 2019. It is aimed at benefiting children and youth globally in terms of developing painting skills, participating in a global event, and cultivating their habits of helping the poor.

“The Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition” & “One Dollar for One Child in

Poverty Charity Event” is a global charity event that is hosted by the Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation and supported by UNICEF. It is a global painting Olympic of the world’s children and youths, and also a global charity event aimed to help children in poverty worldwide. We received the support from The Governor General of Canada, the Prime Minister of Canada, Consulate Generals of many countries, prestigious artists, and international media. Consul of General of People’s Republic of China, India, South Korea, Ukraine, Italy, and Denmark all sent their support. We had 500 competitors from 11 countries for the 1st competition, 2,000 competitors from 33 countries for the 2nd Competition and 8,000 competitors from 35 countries for the 3rd Competition. We raised funds enough for 160 “Schools in Boxes”, UNICEF program. The funds will be used by UNICEF Canada and distributed to the designated schools to support the School-in-a-Box program, which will improve the education and lives of children around the world. UNICEF Canada endorsed a support letter to the Foundation. About 10,000 children in poverty have now received support for their education opportunities.

All the participants of the competition (both preliminary and final round) are required to donate at least one dollar for the charitable event. People around the world are also encouraged to donate to support UNICEF’s program.

The School-in-a-Box Kit contains supplies and materials for a teacher and up to 40 students. The School-in-a-Box contains two types of materials; materials for a teacher and materials for the students. The student may be given some of the materials so that they can do their homework or work on projects assigned by the teacher. Other materials, although intended for student’s use, should be used only in the classroom and are thus distributed by the teacher when required and shall be collected at the end of the class/assignment.


The registration for the 7th Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition has started to register. For details of how to participate, please see

Special Statement

  •  The Organizing Committee reserves the rights of final explanation towards competition rules.
  • ·All entries will automatically belong to the Organizing Committee and are not subject to return; all the entries’ copyright belongs to the Organizing Committee of the Youth World Cup Painting Competition.
  • ·All the mailing fees of the medals, trophies and certificates are subject to the contestants.
  • ·The Organizing Committee reserve the future usage of entries, such as propaganda and other charity events (for example: websites, show, booklet, media, auction, print media), and no extra pay can be claimed by the creator.
  • ·In the final Contest Site, the Organizing Committee will only provide paper and drinking water for the contestants, and no painting utilities will be provided.
  • ·This competition is for charity purposes, and no fee of the contestants will be covered.

Overseas Supervision

Juries from overseas co-organizing regions must be renowned visual artists or art educators. UNICEF Canada and the Youth Arts Development Foundation reserve the right to make and change the overseas jury selection criteria. All the juries selected in their respective overseas regions must be authorized by the Foundation. The jury applicant must possess over 5 years of teaching, working, or creating experience in arts, or combination of the above. The committee of the Competition will verify the qualification of overseas juries. The committee reserves the veto rights of appointed juries in overseas regions. In order to ensure the fairness and transparency of the competition, the evaluation process of the Preliminary Round needs to be recorded and submitted to the competition committee.

To ensure the transparency and fairness of the global-wise competition, the overseas committee members must arrange one Skype meeting every month with the Foundation starting from the preliminary art work collection, exchange ideas and report the progress of the preliminary selection and jurying situation.

For More Information

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